Doric String Quartet 20th September 2016 – Review by Joe Fuller, Latest 7

The Doric String Quartet tapped into something truly beautiful in the opening concert of Strings Attached’s 16/17 season. The night opened with Bartók: the quartet imbuing warmth and light into the dark but glorious tumult of his String Quartet No 4. Alex Redington’s quiet, subtle flurries on violin epitomised the quartet’s emotive, enjoyable performance of what might be considered a spiky piece by some.

Debussy’s String Quartet No 1 featured a striking and spirited attack in the first movement and the quartet brought the sheer lyricism of the piece to life in an enlivening performance. Cellist John Myerscough enthusiastically discussed their decision to perform Haydn last, explaining that the “king of the string quartet” should not be considered merely a pleasant opener but rather get the attention and framing he deserves. The exciting piece was vigorously played, a perfect ending to an inspired programme that showcased the diverse musical and emotional range of the string quartet form.