Calendar of Chamber Music Concerts in the Brighton Area

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Date Concert Provider
20-Feb-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
21-Feb-24 Lunchtime@St Nicholas
22-Feb-24 Chichester Chamber Concerts
23-Feb-24 Nicholas Yonge Society, Lewes
27-Feb-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
28-Feb-24 Lunchtime@St Nicholas
1-Mar-24 Music & Wine & St Luke’s
3-Mar-24 Brighton Dome Coffee Concert
3-Mar-24 St Andrew’s Alfriston
5-Mar-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
10-Mar-24 Seaford Music Society
10-Mar-24 Vinehall  School
12-Mar-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
15-Mar-24 Music & Wine & St Luke’s
17-Mar-24 Worthing Int. Interview Concerts
19-Mar-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
21-Mar-24 Chichester Chamber Concerts
22-Mar-24 Nicholas Yonge Society, Lewes
24-Mar-24 Brighton Dome Coffee Concert
26-Mar-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
2-Apr-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
5-Apr-24 Music & Wine & St Luke’s
9-Apr-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
14-April-24 Brighton Dome Coffee Concert
14-April-24 Seaford Music Society
16-Apr-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
19-Apr-24 Music & Wine & St Luke’s
23-Apr-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
27-Apr-24 Glynde Place
30-Apr-24 Lunchtime@Chapel Royal
4-May-24 Vinehall  School
12-May-24 Seaford Music Society
16-May-24 Uckfield Music Club
25-May-24 Glynde Place
9-Jun-24 Vinehall  School
20-Jun-24 Uckfield Music Club
22-Jun-24 Glynde Place
16-21 July 24 South Downs Music Festival
18-July-24 Uckfield Music Club