Newsletter #56

Coffee Concert 22 November 2020

The consensus seems to be that the live streamed concert on 22 November was a success. Musically it was, certainly, but also as a format. 186 households signed up for the live stream, and more may sign up for the recorded version (see below). If the average household was two viewers, that’s a larger audience than we get for a live performance. If you want to see the recorded version click here and go to ‘watch again video’. It costs £5 per viewing. If you have already paid to watch the live streamed version, but technical problems interfered, we have made special arrangements with Brighton Dome for the fee for the video to be waived. Email us at and we will tell you how to proceed.

The Gildas rehearsing in the Brighton Dome Concert Hall
The Gildas rehearsing in the Brighton Dome Concert Hall


You can read reviews of the concert here. Click on ‘Reviews’ in the menu on the left.

For those who want to see more of the Gildas Quartet go to and search on Gildas Quartet. There is a recording of them playing Janáček’s Kreutzer Sonata, hosted by the London Mozart Players’ Classical Club. Gemma Sharples, the Gildas second violin, also co-manages an organisation called Home Concert Club which broadcasts free live chamber concerts via Zoom, as a way of keeping live music going. You can find this on . Donate or not, as you like.

We are delighted to say that plans are underway for a series of concerts in the New Year. Details will follow as soon as they are confirmed.

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