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  1. David Botibol
    21st November 2016 @ 9:12 am

    I have been trying to pin down the Couperin piece that was the surprise opening work. I think it was Ritratto dell’ amore, the ninth Concert of Les Goúts Réùnis ou Nouveaux Concerts à l’usage de toutes les sortes d’Instruments de Musique, published 1724. The movements are:
    1 Le charmé
    2 L’enjoüement
    3 Les graces
    4 Le je-ne Scay-quoy
    5 La vivacité
    6 La noble fierté
    7 La douceur
    8 L’ et Coetera

    Was Couperin giving carte blanche for these works to be played by any combination of instruments? A 1908 score published by A. Durand & Fils is for violin and keyboard.

    However I have found a somewhat different arrangement for violin, ‘cello and piano, published in 1969.

    Is this a work for solo soprano instrument with continuo? Or is it a dialogue between two solo instruments?


    • Andrew Polmear
      22nd November 2016 @ 3:53 pm

      Well done David. I’m sure that’s the correct piece. It’s a shame we can’t tell what instruments Couperin had in mind.


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